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Health Risks of Carrying Heavy Loads

Carrying heavy loads is a norm for many people. When you need to lift heavy items, you may be tempted to lift them on your own, rather than calling for help or using the proper lifting equipment. Whether you are really strong or you think you will only be covering a short distance, you need to be careful with the weights you carry because there are adverse health effects attached to it.

When you carry something heavy, you may hurt yourself, especially if you are not lifting the load in the right way. So, here are some health risks related to carrying heavy things.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

These are injuries or disorder of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilages and spinal discs. Basically, they affect body movements.

Back Injury

This is a common one for those who carry heavy loads on a regular basis. It ranges from muscle aches to a shooting, burning or stabbing sensation in the back.

Broken Bones and Injury

Sometimes, if the load is too heavy, there is a tendency to drop them. This can lead to injuries such as sprains, bruises or a broken part of the body where the heavy item may have fallen. Remember, accidentally dropping the goods can even result in damage of the goods.


This occurs when people try to carry heavy loads that is beyond their manpower. It leads to painful muscle sprains and tears. Also, you could end up with hernia.

To avoid these health risks, it is better to seek assistance whenever you intend to carry a heavy load. Also, you can use the appropriate equipment to carry the load to reduce the stress it will cause you.

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In addition, if you consistently feel aches on your body, you should visit your doctor. Do not forget to rest well.

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