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Health Benefits of Eating Grapes

When you bite into a grape, you get more than a burst of juicy, sweet goodness. You also get a dose of nutrients and antioxidants that will help you to stay well. Grapes come in different colours such as red, purple, black and translucent green.

They are low in calories and virtually fat free. Often times, the seedless grapes may be easier to eat but, the ones with seeds are sweeter. Today, we will be stating the health benefits of grapes.

  • They are rich in nutrients

Grape provides you with about a quarter of daily vitamin C needs, nearly 20% for vitamin K and at least 10% for copper. The fruit supports your immunity because vitamin C is needed for DNA repair and the production of both collagen and serotonin.

Significantly, Vitamin C boosts the absorption of iron from plant foods and a higher blood level of vitamin C increases fat burning, both during exercise and at rest. Vitamin K helps in bone formation while Copper places a role in energy production and formation of collagen and red blood cells.

  • It protects against cancer

The fruit contains high level of beneficial plant compounds which protect against certain types of cancer. Resveratrol, one of the terms in the fruit prevents and treats cancer by reducing inflammation, acting as an antioxidants and blocking the growth and spread of cancer cells within the body.

  • It provides anti-aging antioxidants

Grapes contain several antioxidants including types known to decrease inflammation and support healthy blood flow. Grape antioxidants are linked to better brain function, anti-aging and over all longevity.

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The quercetin in black and red grape protects against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer.

  • It improves the heart health

Grapes are heart healthy in several ways. They fend off the artery hardening, improve circulation, curb blood clotting and lower inflammation. Research shows that, grape reduces cholesterol by decreasing the absorption of the compound into the blood.

  • It aids digestive health

One cup of grape supplies you with one or two grams of fiber. Fiber and fluid in grapes help to support bowel regularity and grape polyphenols works to positively transform gut bacteria in ways that benefit your health.

Grapes are fantabulous as a fruit for dessert. You can add it to a number of dishes. You can slice and fold them into an oat meal or overnight oats and salads.

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