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Harness the Secret to Fitness in Women!

There are several women I know whose ages you could never guess merely by looking at their faces or studying their physique. The reason is not far-fetched; they are fit.

The advantage of being fit is that you will not only see your great grandchildren, you would also be able to babysit them. The hospitals will not make profit off you! And your hard earned money will be put to better use.

Whether you are skinny, slim or fat you must be able to lift or drag a bag of rice from your store to your kitchen. And when your husband is not at home you must be able to change the water on the dispenser when it’s empty. So, dear friend, your fitness regime starts now!

Although there are tons of exercises that you could do to keep and remain fit, let us look at a few simple ones;


Squats and Frogs Jumps

If you are one of those who complain that they do not have enough time to exercise, squats and frog jumps are actually great for you. If you aim for 100 a day, you could split it into sets, doing eacah set at your convenience. Remember no sweat; no looking good in your Christmas evening wear.  You can do 20 squats immediately you get out of bed in the morning or you can quickly do 10 as you wait for your turn to take your bath. You can also do 10 your office restroom, if it’s convenient. Each time you are in front of the TV you can do some too.  I have made it easy and the transformation in your body will amaze you.

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 Dance your way to fitness

You can also dance your way to fitness. Coming back from work before you change your clothes, dance for at least 10 minutes.  You can convert your phone to an instant sound system by loading some good music on it.


Walking, strolling and sitting

Make a habit of sitting, standing or strolling. Stop lying down on the couch or on the carpet. Lie down only when it’s bedtime!

Another convenient and easy exercise is walking. You can alight at the penultimate bus stop twice a week on your way home from work and walk briskly for thirty minutes. You will not regret it in your old age.

Maybe you have a car, once in a while leave your car at home and take a bus. Whenever you have an opportunity to walk, go for it. If you have a driver; get flats. In the event that you are trapped in traffic, put them on and trek from a distance not too far from home, leaving the driver to bring the car home. Walk to the car park or where he has parked the car i.e. during the day. He doesn’t always have to bring the car around for you unless it’s raining or it’s dark.


Healthy Diet

What’s your menu like, salt in rice, salt in fried plantain, salt in fried yam? As you grow older please be mindful of salt and it’s sibling – sugar. The older you grow, the more you should include lots of  fruits and vegetables into your diet.

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The benefits of being fit are numerous; moreover; your health is your confidence boost because you will look good in your jeans and appear like someone that can run around the national stadium without an ambulance.


To your wellbeing…

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