Living in a perfectly tidy and clean house is easy if you know some certain things. Cleaning your place once a month or even week is definitely not enough, especially if you have a big family.

We suggest you should clean your living place every day. Do some tidying up each day and you will not need to spend the entire weekend on scrubbing your house or apartment.

  1. Putting rugs in high-traffic areas

Washing rugs in the washing machine is far more convenient than shampooing the carpets. Keep your high-traffic areas as low-maintenance as possible.

  1. Eliminating junk drawers

The more junk drawers you have, the more junk they contain. Get rid of the drawers and you will get rid of all the junk that gets on your nerves.

  1. Wiping down the sink

After you wash your hands, face and teeth, wipe down the sink. It will look clean, shiny and dry. There will be no soap and toothpaste residues.

  1. Leaving your dining table set at all times

Not only does your table look prettier with all the placements and dishes, it is practical as well. If it is full of items that are supposed to be there, you are unlikely to load it with items that are not. Those who leave their table already prepared for a meal, they can say ‘ta-ta’ to their number one dumping ground.

  1. Keeping your shoes outside

Do not walk around the house with your shoes on. Keep them outside and put on slippers instead. Leave your shoes at the door and your house will be free of sand, soil and dirt that you bring in when you enter the house.

  1. Cleaning the counters
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Use disinfecting sprays and wipes and wipe down the counters every night. The process takes just a couple of minutes, but it makes your kitchen look fresh and sparkly.

  1. Make your bed

Your bedroom is not supposed to look sterile, but making your bed is a nice habit. Your bedroom will look more orderly and tidy if you pull up the comforter over the pillows and blankets. Do it every morning even if you know for sure that no one is going to enter the room during the day.

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