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Growing Your Roots Deep through Meditation

Meditation is a practice common to Eastern religions; through meditation they connect to the metaphysical; yoga is an example of this. The word meditation is derived from the Greek/Hebrew? Word hagar, which means to mutter softly to yourself like a mad man.

Meditation is scriptural for believers. After Moses handed to Joshua, he was charged with the burdensome responsibility of leading a nation and he went before God to receive wisdom. God told him to spend time meditating on His Word, in order to obey it. That was how he would make his way prosperous and be successful in ministry. We all desire to be successful and prosperous; the shelves are replete with many motivational books on means and methods to be successful, be a star performer, be successful in career and business etc. but God says to be successful, you need to meditate in and be a doer of His Word (Josh 1:8).

We need to consider some importance of meditation:

Meditation is a time to fellowship or commune with God. It’s a time-out with God where you sit down in His presence and He communicates His thoughts to you.

Meditation is a time to receive instructions for the next level, direction and ideas from God.

Meditation is how to be prosperous and successful; when you receive ideas and direction from God, your life runs smoothly, you waste less time on trials and errors and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Meditation makes you rich and deep. Like a tree you are unmovable by storms and winds of circumstances and situations in life. You are fortified to handle challenges; you have solutions to life’s questions and problems. When challenges come you have a fountain of resource within you that you can draw from and won’t run helter-skelter.

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Steps to meditation

Create time; what you love, you create time for. Have a regular time you set apart for meditation and be consistent with it. It could be in the morning or you could prefer the evenings. Just have a time that you and people around you respect.

Read. Read God’s word; gather scriptures about what God has said about you and start reading.

Speak. As you read, read God’s Word aloud to yourself; mutter it softly to yourself.

For example, take five scriptures that talk about God’s provision and bringing finances to you. For example Ps 23, Php4:19, you say continually the Lord is my Shepherd; He supplies my need I shall not want. Say I have more than enough for the projects I’m embarking on and I have more than enough to meet my needs and to be a blessing. As you do this continually, faith rises up in your heart, for faith comes by hearing. As you do this, thoughts of lack, doubt and unbelief would depart from you.

Confession. Take time to confess God’s Word out loudly. Words are a creative force by them you can create the world that you desire. When you put God’s word in your mouth via confession, you are creating the realities that you desire. Someone said that where you are today is a result of the words you have spoken yesterday; and where you would be tomorrow is a result of the words you have spoken yesterday. Don’t take words lightly; don’t speak carelessly thinking they would have no effect. Speak God’s Word continually and you would see your life conform to the Word of God that you speak concerning yourself.

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Mindset. If you follow the above steps, you would begin to form a mindset based on God’s word. Someone said you are what you eat; the same is true spiritually speaking. You are a product of what you think and meditate on. If you keep thinking on wrong and negative things like lack, poverty, and the curse those are the things you would experience. Instead, if you keep your gaze on God’s Word making it your meditation, despite situations around you, in no time your life would begin to align with the picture of God’s Word in your heart. Like concrete, your mind is set on God’s Word.

So it is important that you load up your heart with God’s Word through meditation and declare it to create realities.

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