This past weekend, I enjoyed a lovely dinner out, followed by a trivia night fundraiser at the local high school, with my husband and our good friends. The trivia event is annual, so we attend every year together as a team. But once a year is not often enough. So we also get together once a quarter for dinner and a game night at one of our homes.

I’m lucky to have many wonderful and vibrant friends in my life. I feel blessed every time I have an opportunity to talk or meet with any one of them. It brightens my day, motivates me, and my friends give me a quick energy boost when I need one. Friendships are a very vital part of my life.

In some ways, a good friendship is like having a free counseling session. Good friends encourage you to talk about the things in your life, both good and bad, both celebrations and tragedies…so you’re not holding everything in.

This begs the question…’How much time do you spend with your friends?’

Yes, it can sometimes be tricky juggling work and personal life. Unfortunately, friendships often take a backseat to career and family responsibilities.

Always remember, life isn’t about all work and no play. Yes, developing a lasting friendship does take effort, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

As you take a look at your calendar, schedule in some ‘friend time’ this week. Sometimes a simple thing, like going out for a cup of coffee with a good friend, or going bowling with a group of friends, might be just what the doctor ordered.


Maria Gracia


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