True confession!

From the very time that I was introduced to this new trend of going natural, I was a goner. The friend trying to convince me that going natural was not only healthy for your hair, but that women had come up with fab ways to carry their afro, was looking too spectacular as she spoke.

It took me a little above ten seconds to make up my mind; I was going to go natural.

Now, I’m not one to do things by halves, so, when I decided I was going natural, I did not want to have anything further to do with my chemically refined tresses. Taking a scissors in my hand, I chopped off thirteen inches of hair!

Oh boy! What emotions flooded my being; courage, liberation, exhilaration…I felt like I was floating. That first evening was wonderful.

Those feelings, however, lasted only through the night. By morning, I was frantic. What was I going to do to my hair, how was I supposed to style something that looked like my daughter was trying her hands out on being a professional barber?

What I learnt in those first few weeks after the big chop are in essence life lessons that I simply applied to this very big aspect of my outward appearance.

Caring for your natural hair after a big chop requires a lot of determination and a generally great attitude because some days you may be frustrated with all the regimens. A huge dose of positive mental attitude is sure to set you on the right path. There will be days when you want to beat yourself up for having taken such a huge step; rest assured, in time you will see that the beautiful new you was certainly worth the trouble.

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Here are a few tips to help you along this exciting new journey:

Don’t Worry; Be Happy: There will definitely be days when you will be tempted to wring your own neck for even considering chopping off your locks. Sometimes too, you wonder when the hair will actually start growing again…and quickly too. For someone who already has hairstyles to rock, it can be a tad depressing. However, keep up a cheerful disposition. Even our mental health affects how our bodies act.

Keep Your Hair Clean: Wash your hair regularly. Remember to use products that will be gentle on your hair. Look out for products with natural ingredients and oils.

Moisturise: Natural hair needs to be pampered. Remember your hair is shorter now so it should be faster and easier to finger-comb through as you moisturise. Deep condition at least once a week and moisturise often enough.

While these do not cover the extensive list of what you can do to keep your hair looking fab, they will set you on the right track. The most important thing that you need to do though after the big chop is to ROCK THAT LOOK!

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