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Give Yourself A Professional Makeover!


Who doesn’t want a professional makeover? Make-up helps to enhance beauty; it’s amazing the transformational effect that make-up can create. It can transform the plainest lady into a very attractive one. Make-up in itself does not necessarily make someone attractive, there are other factors such as dressing, style and colour combination, hair-do etc that need to be taken into consideration. It however enhances what you have; it’s like an amplifier and like someone says; if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

So, now we know what well applied make-up can do for us. Next, let me give you dibbs on how you can accomplish a professionally done look all by yourself.

Are you ready?


Wash your face

It is important to wash your face and apply a good moisturizer before applying makeup. Moisturizers help to keep your skin moisturized by locking in water in your skin. If you have a dry or sensitive skin, choose a thick cream that locks moisture in. For normal skin, cream moisturizers that are hydrating are okay, and for oily skin, choose a water based lotion.


Use a good primer; any brand will do

Add a foundation primer, though this is optional. Foundation primers are used to set make up so that it lasts longer. You can find these in several beauty and cosmetic stores.


Choose your foundation

You need to get the right shade for you. You can check this by applying some near your cheek in natural daylight, check if it blends well with your complexion. You can also ask one of the experts in the store to help you find a suitable one for you.

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Apply the foundation

To have a radiant skin, use an illuminator. Just mix a pea-sized amount of illuminator with your foundation and you will get a glowing skin. Apply the foundation with a foundation brush if you have one or use your fingers. Some people like using brushes, but some prefer fingers because it is easier. Put a bit of foundation on your fingers and smooth it on your face. Make sure to reach your jaw line, ears and around your eyes. Foundation is meant to even out your skin tone, avoid using it to add colour or cover your blemishes completely.


Use a good concealer

Search for a concealer close to your skin tone, making sure you do not choose one that is too dark or too light. If you cannot tell, ask for advice to ensure you get the right colour.

Apply the concealer on any dark spots, freckles or blemishes that you want to hide. You can use a small brush to apply it or simply dab it with your fingers to blend it in.


Conceal any dark circles under your eye by applying the concealer in a triangle shape. Blend the outer corners of the triangle with your fingers. Don’t forget to conceal the inner corners of your eyes as they are generally darker than the rest of your eyes. Also remember to dab some around your nose.


Set the concealer with setting powder

Choose a loose (mineral) powder and dab it on the concealed parts of your face with a stippling brush.

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Apply a blush and or bronzer

Find a blush that suits your skin tone and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. Apply the blush while smiling. If you think the blush is too much, you can add little powder on the cheeks to reduce the intensity of the blush

To prevent your face becoming shiny you can use oil blotting sheets. You can find them in any drug store or store where they sell beauty products. They’re cheap, reduce shine, and don’t disturb makeup.


Apply eye makeup

You can apply an eye shadow base or primer first if you want the eye shadow to last all day. Apply only small quantity of the eye shadow base on your eyes, thereafter apply the eye shadow colour you want. For natural eye looks, choose a natural colour.

When applying eye shadows, start with the lighter shade, then move to the darker shade. For example, if you want to use pink and blue shadows, start with the pink and end with blue, or if it is gold and black/brown, start with the gold colour and end with the black/brown. When you have applied both colours, you blend the two colours at the place where the first colour ended and the second started

Curl your lashes on each side for about 10 seconds.

You can use an eyelash extender. The fibres from this connect and make lashes much longer.

Apply a waterproof mascara. Wait for each coat to dry before applying another to avoid clumps.

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Apply eyeliner on the top lid. You can use liquid or pencil. Ensure that the line is very thin, avoid making thick fat strokes

Colour your brows if they aren’t even with a eyebrow powder, choose a colour that is close to your eyebrow colour. Apply a brow gel to keep your eyebrows in place.


Apply lipstick

You can use a lip primer to fill up any creases. Apply a lip liner, using the same shade as your lipstick. Line your lip along the natural shape of your lip, then apply a lipstick. Remember it must be in the same colour as the lip liner. You can add a gloss if you desire.


Apply powder

Apply some powder all over your face.



You may not get it totally right when you start, but you get better at it with time and more practice.


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