Bad smells can be a nightmare. It can come from the fridge because of power failure or from fruits and vegetables that have been kept longer than their shelf life. It could be smell from garbage cans due to accumulated rubbish evacuated late by the environmental agency.

Here are few tricks to get rid of bad smells.


  • Clean the shelves in the fridge, and place baking soda inside the fridge on one of the shelves. Change the baking soda every month. It absorbs bad smells
  • Vanilla is another freshener. Absorb vanilla in a small ball of cotton wool and place on a shelve inside the fridge. Check the cotton balls and change it weekly

Garbage can

Clean the garbage can and place lemon or orange peels inside it.

Sprinkle a generous amount of ground coffee in the garbage. It can help to get rid of bad smells.
Vinegar can also be used to dispel bad smells because it has a strong smell.

Credit: Guardian.

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