Steamed fish is preferable to boiled ones, and there is less possibility of accident by breaking when removing them from the sauce pan.

For steamed fish, you do not have to worry the flavour will escape with the water; or wash away with the water. When a proper steamer is not available, and the fish is not big; the difficulty may be overcome by placing the fish on a large enamel plate, with a small piece of butter and 2 tablespoonfuls of milk. Stand this on the top of a sauce pan of boiling water, and cover with another plate placed on top.

A flat fish or fillet can be done in about 15minutes, and the milk and butter in which it was steamed may be used with the sauce accompanying it. Be careful to use enough salt to make the water taste, when boiling; if insufficient is used, the fish is tasteless.

Adding a little vinegar to the water will make the flavour finer and the fish firmer. Remove the scum as soon as it rises or the fish will be discoloured. Before putting in the water, rub a piece of lemon all over the fish; it will render it whiter. Only simmer gently, do not boil faster because the outside of the fish will break into pieces before the inside is done or cooked.

When frying fish use clarified dripping or salad oil. Lard smell and butter fries are a bad blend. Do not put all the fish in at a time, as the temperature of the fat would be lowered too suddenly, and the fish would be sodden instead of crisp. Do not begin to fry until a tin blue vapour rises from the fat, bubbling is not a sign of boiling, and smoke means that the fat is burning. So be careful to watch out for the blue vapour which comes between the bubbling and the smoking stage. Actually, if the fish is put into the fat before it starts to boil, it will be sodden and greasy. Here is a fish delicacy you cannot resist, just follow the instruction to the letter, and enjoy!

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 Fish Pudding

  • Cold fish
  • Dash of mustard
  • Fresh boiled potatoes
  • Well-beaten egg
  • Piece of margarine
  • Milk
  • Seasoning
  • Fish sauce


Preparation: Remove the bones and skin from fish, and mash up fish with potatoes, proportionately. Add margarine, seasoning, mustard, egg, and enough milk to wrap. Bake in a tin or dish for half an hour, or steam in a mould for an hour. Serve with fish sauce, mixed with the fish bones and skins.

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