When roasting meat, a very hot oven is needed for the first fifteen minutes; this hardens the outside and keeps in the juices and flavor. After fifteen minutes, reduce the heat to enable the meat to cook more gradually all through. If the oven becomes too hot and the meat is in danger of burning, place a bowl of cold water in the oven; the cold water will reduce the temperature and the steam. As the water becomes hot, it will moisture the air and prevent further burning.

When boiling a joint, plunge it into boiling water. This hardens the outside and the juices are thus retained. Boil quickly for 10 minutes, and then simmer gently for the rest of the time. When boiled this way, the meat loses less weight and has more flavor than when put in cold water. Do not fasten a joint with skewers, or prick with a fork when placing in the water. It is better to tie the string round, thus keeping the meat together and providing a means of lifting it in and out of the saucepan.

Remove the scum as it rises; if allowed to remain in the water, the appearance of the meat will be spoilt. Tough meat may be renderedtender and digestible by careful stewing. Fry it for the few minutes on both sides to seal up the pores, and then very slowly; never allow it to boil. A small junk of meat may be cut into two; one half being used as a roast and the other half either grilled or made into a meat pie. A leg of mutton may be cut so that the thick end forms a fillet large enough to roast and the knuckle end is put into a mutton pie.

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How to Prepare Fillet Grilled Steak

Steak meat                  seasoning

Butter fried onions or baked tomatoes

Preparation:A red hot fire is necessary to grill successfully, and the grid-iron must rob with fat to prevent the meat sticking. Light a gas-griller one and a halfhour before it is used, allow it becomered-hot. Place the grid-iron in a baking tin; lay the meat on it, placing one or two pieces of butter on the meat. Place under the red-hot griller; turn the meat after 5 minutes. When both sides are browned, reduce the heat and cook slowly for a few minutes more. Serve at once on a hot dish, season, and pour over any meat juice which may have dripped into the baking pan. Serve with fried onions or baked tomatoes.

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