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Fun Things to Do with Your Family this Christmas Holiday

Yippee! It’s that time of the year when festivity is in the air. Roll out the drums and let’s celebrate the very essence of our faith, the birth of our Saviour. It’s also holidays and we need to keep those young buddies profitably busy and also make it a bonding time for the family. Below are some fun activities to keep our tots busy and ensure they have a memorable Christmas holiday.

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree together– children love decorating even though it may seem like the opposite to an adult. Using craft paper, crayons and scissors, get the kids to be creative and make decorations. They could also use already made Christmas décor items.


  1. Visit a library– read Christmas stories to them, make cards and play games.


  1. Scrapbooking Kid sensation– find creative ways to preserve memories through scrapbooking. Find memorable pictures and collect them together to make a scrapbook.


  1. Dance competition– Get moving to the upbeat sounds of Christmas jingles and hip-hop. Split into teams and show off your dance steps and moves. Time to groove.


  1. Start a veggie patch– Get packets of easy-to-grow vegetable seeds and let the kids plant and water their plant throughout the holiday


  1. Indoor bowling -Turn your living room into a bowling alley. Collect empty small plastic bottles and let the children line them up like bowling pins. Let them have fun knocking them over with a small ball.


  1. Building- Kids can use any unbreakable item such as pillows, boxes or empty cartons around the house to build towers. The highest tower wins.
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  1. Scavenger hunt– Write clues on pieces of paper and hide them at different points in the house. Alternatively, hide items that will lead them to the next clue and tell the kids to find them.


  1. Flying kites– teach your children how to make their own kites using different colours, shapes and materials.


  1. Board games– monopoly, scrabble and puzzles are fun and highly educational games that enhance mental stimulation.



  1. Home Theatre– If you have a projector at home, plug it to your laptop or TV, get some popcorn and hire movies. Turn your home into a mini movie theatre.


  1. Cupboard Donation Fest– clean out cupboards and collect old toys and clothing that can be donated to orphanages or the less privileged.


  1. Like New Décor– make redecorating your children’s room fun. Rearrange the furniture, bed and room accessories.


  1. Start a band– get the kids to make their own instruments using empty plastic containers, jars and bottle caps. They can then compose songs and stage a musical.


  1. Puppet Show– Using old socks, the kids can make their own hand puppets and then put on a show from behind the couch.


  1. Adventure Course– Turn your backyard into an obstacle course where the kids need to hop in a pillow case or run with an egg on a spoon to win.



To a wonderful and fun-filled Christmas holiday. Merry Christmas and don’t forget to reiterate the reason for the season to our precious ones. May we stay true and committed to the reason for the season- Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.

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