Hey, gurls! It’s your girl Nifemi and it’s Christmas time again…yaaay! So, I want to share with you girls fun things you can do during this season, in case you have none. Read on…

  1. Cross something off your bucket list

I believe everyone has a bucket list, something they want to do before they die; if you don’t have one, then it is time to get one, and cross something off the list. Which means you don’t just cross it off on paper; make sure you actually do it!

  1. Go on a window shopping with your friends

It’s Christmas period, and a lot of beautiful and fantastic things will be on display, so you can actually go on a window shopping with your friends while you take some ice cream. Beautiful! Right?

  1. Visit a tourist center

I am a big fan of visiting beautiful places around me. I hardly go to any state without visiting many of their tourist centers. So, this Christmas will also be a good time for you to visit one or some of the tourist centers in your state.

  1. Cook some meal

Last Christmas, I spent most of my time cooking a lot of new and favourite dishes of mine and took pictures of them. It made me really happy and I got to give a treat to my loved ones. So, there is a free advice, you can do it too.

  1. Attend a Christmas carol

Personally, I have not been to one, so maybe this year I will; but I hear it is a lot of fun, so you can do so too.

  1. Go to a music concert

This is one of my favourite things to do at Christmas, and there are usually a lot of music concerts that are free. So, you can actually go to one with a friend.



In essence, it is a festive season, so don’t forget to make the most of it and have LOTS of fun!


Nifemi Adekunle

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