Losing weight is a broad term.

This article focuses on losing tummy fat since that’s one major area a lot of women are concerned about. Far be it from us to carry our flabby tummies as a badge of motherhood! We want to look fab, I mean, who doesn’t?

While these tips are in no way exhaustive, and we wouldn’t want to endorse any specific supplements, you’ll find the tips below very helpful as you begin, or continue your journey to getting your ‘Yummy Mummy’ groove back on. most young ladies are looking for

They are simple, measurable, easily achievable, and most importantly, you do not need to break the bank to get them done.

So, what are we waiting for? It’s time to get back in shape!

•    Bid goodbye to late night eating, your last meal for the day should be taken four hours before you retire for the night. This is ideal, as it would give your system ample time to complete the process of digestion.

•    Your daily workout/exercise is non-negotiable; we all need this to get our hearts working perfectly.

•    Do not drink water when you are eating; it may result in indigestion and hormonal imbalance.

•    Water detoxifies. Drink lots of water, it is the best and the easiest exercise; yet the most overlooked task.

•    Do your sit ups every day, do not stop or relent until you see the changes you desire.

•    Eat lots of cucumbers, they are highly nutritional.

•    Eat hot food; most of the unseen germs cannot survive under intense heat.

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As we set out to accomplish our goal, we shouldn’t forget that no goal is accomplished in just one day, so you’ve got to be consistent.

Here’s to your glowing achievements.


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