Let me share a bit of my past with you girls. There was this guy I dated in the university; he was sweet, romantic, funny and handsome. He was everything I fancied about a guy that I felt he was all perfect, I didn’t care to know a lot of things about him ( I mean, why I should care? Everything I was seeing was pretty perfect). Three-months down the line I found out that this guy has been cheating on me with one of my friends; I was shocked at the discovery and cried my heart out. Later, I found out that he had cheated on his ex that was why they broke up and I felt pretty stupid for not even asking about his past amongst other things.

So girls, be a smart girl and learn from my mistakes if you are in a relationship with a guy there are some things you should… as a matter of fact you must know about him such as:

  1. Know about his previous relationship: Obviously from my story you would see why this is important. If he had been in a relationship before know why they broke up that way you would have some key insights on what to expect or avoid.
  2. Know if he intends to get married and when: Yes, you might think all men want to get married, but this (your) guy might not be interested. So, know if he wants to get married and know when because you guys might have a different timeline. If you are looking to get married in 2018 and he is looking to get married in 2030…. My dear, you see what that means? Also, know if he wants to marry you; don’t just assume he would like to marry you.
  3. Know how many kids he would like to have: This is actually quite important, know if he would like to have kids and don’t assume he would. If he would, know how many kids he would like to have.
  4. Know what he likes: This is also quite important if you want your relationship to last. Find out what he likes and also try to do them if they don’t contrast with your own personal values.
  5. Know what he expects from you: Yes, some guys expectation from you might be extremely high or sometimes quite unreasonable, before you commit your heart, time and money, know what he expects from you and consider if you can afford to meet his expectations.
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Aside from these five things listed above, find out all you can about your boyfriend as the spirit leads.


Nifemi Adekunle

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