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Fitness: Six Health Benefits of Walking

Exercise takes a lot of determination and self-discipline. We take up exercising for different reasons; some for bodybuilding, weight loss, and so on, but the easiest way to increase your lifespan and stay healthy is by walking.

Walking every day, at least for 30 minutes, will reduce weight gain and inhibit multiple diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dementia, and cardiac issues. Taking short walks in the midst of a busy day can also improve your mood, boost your creativity, and reduce stress.

Here are six benefits of taking a walk:

1. Walking helps to improve or maintain your overall health.

Just a 30-minute walk can help to strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat and boost muscle power and endurance. The longer you walk with an increasing pace, the more calories you will lose. Unlike other forms of exercise, walking is free and requires no special equipment.

2. Walking prepares your body for intense exercise.

If it’s too difficult for you to do an intense exercise, taking a little walk will help you build up for the intense exercise. If your goal is to lose weight, you will need to do physical activity for longer than 30 minutes each day.

3.  Boost creativity.

Walking stimulates your creativity twice as much as sitting would do. Walking helps to enhance your thought process. So take a quick stroll around your workspace or get some fresh air for a few minutes; you’ll be surprised to see how well you perform at that brainstorming session!

4.  Walking eases and protects joint pain.

Walking five to six miles a week can prevent arthritis from forming in the first place. Walking helps to lubricate and strengthen the muscles that support the knees and hips. It also helps to reduce inflammation and stiffness in your joints.

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5.  It  Improves mental attitude.

Daily walking has shown to be very helpful for lifting a person’s mental attitude. It can give you a few minutes to clear the cobwebs in your head through breathing in fresh air and connecting to the environment.

6.  It gives you time to meditate.

Regular walking is a form of exercise that can improve your brain memory and help you to meditate. A fast-paced walk can wake your brain from its deep slumber and get it working again.

Culled from  Cure Joy.

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