Management is the core of any organisation; for a business to run smoothly there must be a well-structured management system. It is important for any successful company or organization to have competent managers. Managers are the drivers of a business or organisation; they determine the direction, tone and tempo of the business. Without a well-structured management, business would be hampered and there would be anarchy.

While discrimination is frowned at in any organization, it is however important to have managers who are spiritually and philosophically compatible with the head of the organization. Paul, the Apostle reiterates this when he said to Timothy that the things Timothy had heard from him, he should commit to faithful men who would be able to teach others.

For most businesses, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of religion in either hiring or promotion. However, you can put measures in place and have criteria to ensure that the managers model the company after certain fundamental or godly principles.

The guiding rule is to have clear, written criteria for managers and apply them equally to everyone.

Lifestyle Criteria for Managers

Criteria for management positions could be based on the qualities listed by Paul, as documented in the bible, for the office of a bishop. These standards can easily apply to any decision-level manager. They include:


Someone who has self-control has self-restraint and is moderate in all things. She does not get angry easily and has ability to put her emotions in check. Irrespective of what people do to her or the source of offence, she does not allow it to get to her to the extent of losing her cool. People do things or situations happen that can may make one flare up, but someone who has self-control manages the situation well and addresses the matter in a matured way. It has been said that the best and most productive employees are generally those with the supportive personality.

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Also a competent leader is moderate in all things. While morality may not necessarily determine the competence of a manager, you do not however want to have a manager with an ill-reputation of being an adulterer or a flirt or a woman who is not prudent with her personal or company finances. This could create a bad image for your company.


For one to be a competent manager she needs to be prudent. Prudence is the ability to make careful, sensible and sound judgment. A competent manager must be able to make wise and informed decisions. This is a product of both experience and knowledge. A competent leader must continually broaden her knowledge base; keep developing herself through trainings, studies and self-development.

It is also a product of experience and meditation. As a leader you must have times when you meditate to receive divine inspiration.

Prudence is also a result of foresight; ability to see the future and predict the trend of things. A good leader must be able to see ahead, study the trend of business in order to plan ahead. She must be a pacesetter who can take the business to the next level. She is not swayed by sentiments in making decisions.


A respectable person displays appropriate conduct or mannerisms and has a good reputation. Managers must not be caught with questionable, criminal or illegal acts. They must be reputable people in the society, otherwise they would not command the respect of their subordinates and exercising authority over them may be difficult.

You are to establish the basic policies for managers in written format, identifying the minimum expected.

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What to do When a Manager Ignores the Rules

Communicate your policies in writing so they could be clearly understood.

Evaluate each manager’s performance against the written standard, and communicate your dissatisfaction clearly with those who do not measure up. Then establish a review period to evaluate performance.

Deal with any manager who persists in non-compliance by issuing written reprimand and, if necessary, dismissal or demotion.


Adapted from Biz His Way by Mrs Ibukun Awosika


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