Pursuing career or business ambitions is no doubt very important; a successful career gives fulfillment; there is also joy and fulfillment when lives are impacted through your endeavors. There is need to find a balance between being enslaved to work and finding your dreams.

There are different ways in which someone can be enslaved to career or business. It could be in terms of overwork; it could be in terms of compromise of integrity and ethical principles; lack of recreation; neglect of family responsibilities.

As a woman you should never compromise your integrity and morality because of career pursuits. Some women would do anything including sleep with their bosses in order to climb up the career ladder. They have lost sight of what is important and decided that the most important thing is that they are able to get to the next stage, and if what they have to do is to sleep with the guy then so be it. Sleep with the guy and forget it. When you hear people say that ‘a man’s got to do what he’s got to do’, that’s a lie from hell because a man’s got to do what is right and just and yet he will succeed.

There are a lot of women as well who because of the pursuit of career and the drive to succeed have had to sacrifice everything else. Some women work because they have the mentality that to be successful they need to outdo the menfolk. This takes them to the extreme of neglecting other responsibilities in their lives. They sacrifice their families and marriages at the altar of career fulfilment.  The question is at the end of the day what will you hold on to if you’ve lost everything in the drive to achieve what you’re seeking? Business bondage is a real issue.

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Another way people are enslaved to career or business is overwork. Overworking is when someone is totally consumed with work round the clock with no thoughts of anything else. People often overwork because they have the mentality that can only prosper through enervating work.  The truth is that you need the blessing of God on the works of your hands to make it prosperous. Indeed it is vain to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrow, for so He gives His beloved sleep. With the blessing of God little effort would be multiplied into something huge; while without it one can work hard busy like an ant and still has nothing to show for it. God can bless you with ideas such that even while you are sleeping you are making money like Bill Gates.


If you are a believer you should not be so consumed with work such that you do not have time to serve God. Yes a believer is supposed to work hard, be diligent in business but this should not be to the detriment of your spirituality or your relationship with God. The enjoinment that says that your gates shall be continually open doesn’t mean that when you open office at 8.00 o’clock in the morning you are going to be opened till 8.00 0’clock the following morning and continue on a roller-coaster of 24-7. No, what that means actually is that when you work within the hours that are reasonable, during working days, probably 8-6 and you honour God by serving him with your time, He would bless the labour of your hands. Having done your bit, while you are busy at His things, some other person who has no knowledge or understanding of God, who is totally consumed with doing things in the way of the world, will be at work for you.

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Now that’s hard for some to understand. But how does it happen? Maybe I’ll use myself as an example, in some cases there are people who have different connections to get certain kinds of jobs. They go ahead to make all sort of deals. The kind of deals that I might not want to make or definitely will not make as long as it involves a bribe or any form of cheating your employer or the government. Now after they have stayed awake all night to stress themselves to get that job, it would so happen that they would not on their own be able to deliver on that job, or they would not on their own have what it takes to do the job. So what are they? They are LPO merchants, when they get the documents they will seek for people like me or somebody else who have chosen to do things God’s way and in order. And they would bring that instrument that they have stayed awake all night to get and you are the one that will be able to deliver on that job.


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