There are times when I think that Beasts actually treat their females better than the Human speciestreat its kind. If not, why should such form of exploitation exist amongst us where a female individual is forcibly, in most cases, removed from her family and all that is familiar to her and dumped in a household, possibly a marriage, hotel/brothel, farm underan arrangement that can best be described as modern day slavery. Trafficking is slavery. The victim is not regarded as human, but as a thing to be exploited for monetaryand, in a lot of cases, sexual gain.


First, we have national trafficking.  It’s amazing seeing this form of wickedness in our own backyard. You know those of us who go to the village and bring home a child still more or less attached to the umbilical cord of her mother.  These are children who are still learning nursery rhymes. They are brought to the city as house-helps. And under extreme conditions, are forced to learn how to take care of Oga, Madam and basically do all the things the spoilt brats of the family won’t do. Such a child is deprived of her childhood and emotional development. And Nigerian mothers, the educated ones as well,decide that the girl requires spiritual deliverance, asides from the beatings and scarring she receives consistently.

Out of frustration, some of them deliberately pour hot water on madam’s baby or drop her from the balcony.  Some become, at a very tender age, sexually active . So the already mentally unbalanced househelp is taken from one church to another where she continuously confesses to being a witch because it’s what madam wants to hear and everybody has told her she is. She confesses to using madam’s blood to bath in the spiritual realm. Who is the witch?Who is the blood sucking vampire? My answer is the madam who has purchased the services of a girl, depriving her of all the things she readily gives her own children. This girl will later in life end up ashamed, distrustful, suicidal, angry, hostile and turn to drugs, prostitution and other related crimes. So as you go to deliver your househelp from evil, ensure you deliver yourself also from the wickedness of trafficking a fellow human being.

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International trafficking is worth $32b. It’sa lot of money because human beings by nature will always take advantage of those with limited education, the downtrodden in short. Unfortunately, parents are very much still involved in this. It’s not every child that is kidnapped. For some, the circumstance is so hopeless, and so they believe the female child is the one that can change the bleak fortunes of the family by having sex with different types of predators. Sorry, I mean by being raped repeatedly in a foreign country by different kinds of sadists, the family thinks this will bring financial blessings and breakthrough to them. The money will be used to finance the education of the younger ones, the marriage of another young bride for papa, and the building of a house for papa while the victim eventually dies of AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. There are other outlets, like strip clubs, spa. Massage palors  and even marriages. Yes, some get married to Nigerian monsters who eventually murder the victim, or who the victim murders.

Some become househelps the way our Nigerian sisters in diaspora  can’t treat au pairs. They now maltreat the ignorant Nigerian victim, seizing the passport and other related travel documents. Threatening the families of the victims.

I recall the story of a junior colleague,well-to-do, and  supposedly enlightened. It’s from her I realized travelling to Europe doesn’t necessarily make you intelligent. She told  me there is nothing wrong with our girls travelling to Italy to make money through sex. Till date, I am still dumbfounded by that conversation. And she is a Catholic who observes the LENT season and related rites. What of the Pentecostal churches that allow you to bring another’s child for deliverance and the overseer even delivers a slap to the face of the ‘witch’. Don’t forget the still serving senator who left our shores to bring in his 14 year old bride from Egypt. Yes, we are hypocrites. There is no value attached to morals. It’s all about being rich, even if you are dying of the mental images and nightmares  of being sexually abused by different kinds of crazy men. Even if the money is from selling your late brother’s daughters.

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Greed and corruption are terrible things. They are the reasons why female trafficking thrives. Our local authorities need to step up and contain this. No society can develop with the blood of the victims of trafficking. Thankfully, there are a number of wives of governors who are fighting this. And we should do our bit too.

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