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Fashion lovers, both young and old, should not bear the weight of “dressing to kill”. As a person, I dress up to look good and I feel happy with whatever it is I am wearing.

Most times, people often forget the power of what their basic items should be in their closet and the effect these basics can pull off. I call them the rescuers in times of confusion. I may be going out with friends, to church, for a show, to the movies or even going shopping and after going through my wardrobe without being satisfied, I always go back to my essentials. Most of us fashion lovers already know what our basic fashion essentials are.

They are the basic Tees in any colour and your jeans in any colour. As “low-key” as they may seem, they go a very long way in rescuing us ladies any time we are in a fix. Your jeans could be high-waist, boot-leg, skinny, straight, distressed, boyfriend, dark, stone-washed, whatever type you decide to wear, the point is that you can never go wrong with a basic T-shirt and jeans.

You can downplay jeans and a Tshirt or make it upbeat, depending on how it is accessorized. If you want to have the next door neighbour look with your jeans, pair it up with a jewelled embellished slippers, or a flat ballerina pumps or even a pair of brogues (Brogues we shall talk about some other time) and a simple necklace. However, if you want a ‘va-va voom’ look that is eye catching with your jeans and t shirt, wear it with a pair of killer heels. Heels take you to another level of awesomeness.

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My advice on your basic T shirts when picking colours is to shop for eye catching colours like yellow, mustard, white (Be careful with white as you have to be extremely careful in other to remain clean and smart) or red. You can never have too many pairs of jeans, T shirts or shoes.

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