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Facts about Denim

facts about denim

When you hear the word “denim,” what comes to the mind? For some, how they’d rock it while others the word jeans. Denims also called jeans is a popular fabric for clothing and when it comes to casual dressing, denim is king!

Denims are dyed with indigo making them blue. The colour was chosen because it was thought to be the best for hiding dirt which got onto the pants. A bale of cotton can produce up to 225 pairs of jeans.

The tiny pocket found in your right front pocket is originally designed for a pocket watch. On average, women have about 5 to 8 pairs of jeans in their closet. Denims are more durable and withstand the rough working conditions better than traditional pants.

They are available in different colours and styles. However, there are dos and don’ts of denim. You need to understand this to look stunning in your outfit.

First, you can play with colours if you are just developing the likeness for denim before delving into shades of double blue. Something like, a white jean and a blue jacket or a black jean and a shirt.

But, do not wear denim accessories. Say no to jean shoes, hats, handbags or any other accessory.

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Also, you can use its shades to hide your body parts. The lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a slimming effect. But, do not wear a jean outfit that is all the same wash.

You can as well dress up in double denims. You don’t have to be afraid to elevate your outfit with denims combined with heels and a red lip stick. By the way, don’t end up looking like a “rainbow.” When you are in doubt, check yourself in the mirror to know how you look in the outfit.

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Most people automatically assume that it’s best to wash their jeans each time. However, consider spot washing regularly after each use. Washing them every two or three uses preserves and protects them from excessive water.

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