Most people assume that surgery is the only option for lifting and firming your assets. However, that’s not the case. There’s a cheap and risk-free way to firm and rejuvenate your breasts without even leaving your house.

Here are exercises to improve sagging breasts

1. Dumbbell Press on Inclined Bench

This is one more good exercise for firming of sagging breasts, dumbbell press on inclined bench. Just stick to this workout daily and you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome! Hence, do not delay anymore! Begin the exercise today!

2. Push-up

Lie on your stomach, place hands flat on the ground next to your arm pits and push yourself up so your elbows are slightly bent. Now bend legs at the knees. Bring your feet up and cross at the ankle. Make sure you keep your stomach tensed, slowly lower your chest to the ground in three or four counts, then push yourself back up again. Repeat as many times as you can.

3. Side or T-Planks

This exercise not just increases the breast firmness, but it also is good for the muscles of the back, arms and legs.

Process to be followed:

Come to the normal push-up posture.
Make sure that the width between legs is more than width of the hips.
Then slowly raise the right hand in the direction of the ceiling.
The left hand must be supporting your body weight.
Now your body should be in the shape of the alphabet “T”, when seen from a little distance.
Remain in this posture for around 15 seconds.
Slowly return to the starting position.
Repeat the steps with the left hand.
Perform 10 repetitions with each hand.

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4. Dumbbell Bench Press

This exercise requires a set of 5 – 10 pound dumbbells. If you don’t have them, you can use cans of tinned food or small bottles of water

Lie on your back on the ground
Hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing away from you
Bend your elbows to form a 90 degree angle. Your upper arms should be parallel with your shoulders.
Slowly stretch your arms to the ceiling, directly over your chest.
Slowly return to the starting position
Repeat 15-20 times

5. Wall Push

The wall push denotes as being among the top exercises to firm and shape your breasts. When your priority is to treat the condition, this is a workout that deserves to have your immediate attention.

All you have to do is to make this exercise a part of your daily life and, you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

Start at the normal standing posture.
Face a wall and rest the hands on it.
The palms should be bearing the weight of your upper body.
Then slowly put pressure as if you are attempting to push the wall away from you.
Keep the pressure for roughly 15 seconds.
Now relax and slowly return to the step 1.
Do 10 repetitions.
Perform the workout daily and very soon you will see the desired result.


Credit: dopetv.

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