Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and make-up entrepreneur, Elohor ‘Eva’ Alordiah in a now-viral video she posted to her Instagram page, says the best way to fight depression is by constantly keeping one’s mind and body active as idleness makes higher the intensity and likelihood of a depressed mood creeping in.

She used the video to give out tips to people suffering from depression on how to get their energy in motion and overcome their “present low state”.

“Just make sure that you are moving. If you are not moving physically, you want to make sure you are moving in your mind. Read, listen to people, listen to messages, and get your energy in motion,” Eva advised.

She continued; “It is very important because is the thing that will counteract the present low state that you are in and it is the only cure that I have found.

“You want to make sure that your energy is not stuck in one place because that is what is happening and that is why you are feeling this way. It is time for you to get moving. As soon as you feel like you don’t wanna do anything; that is exactly the time for you to do stuff.

“As soon as you are idle, you give yourself more opportunity to be depressed some more. Get yourself moving. It is important. Whether you are working out, drawing, painting, writing, doing something, just get yourself moving.”

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