Do you ever get jealous of that friend who has full, nice and curly natural hair? Well, it is a yes for me. I guess I am not the only one right? Today, I’d be stating simple steps to wash your natural hair.

Washing your natural hair needs to be methodical rather than jumping in the shower to reach for shampoo. The process of cleansing natural hair may look too complicated but, it is simple. Therefore, to make your hair look “freaky” and to put an end to dry natural hair, try to follow these tips diligently.

Step 1: You Need to Pre-Poo

Before you think about grabbing the shampoo or turning on your shower, you will want to detangle and pre-poo your hair first. In case you just came across the word pre-poo, it helps to prep your hair for the wash process. So, you need to gently finger-detangle to control any knots you come across rather than breaking them with the hair comb.

Step 2: Get the Shampoo

Here, you are in shower already and your curls are wet. Be strategic about it and focus your shampoo on the scalp. You can hold the ends of your hair together so it does not get tangled while scrubbing. After that, rinse it out gently. Try to use a clarifying shampoo; it helps to remove any product build up.

It should be noted that, some people use warm water to open up the cuticle. This will allow their hair to absorb more moisture from the conditioner in the next step.

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Step 3: Use the Conditioner

First, squeeze your hair by gently wiring the excess water out of your hair before applying a moisturising conditioner. Try to avoid your scalp because it helps you not to wash again. If you have enough time to spare, let the conditioner sit in for about five to ten minute under a plastic show cap. After, chill out by rinsing you hair with cold water.

Step 4: Dry it

This is the final step. After your hair is completely washed, you have to make sure your curls are properly dried and pepped for styling. So, ditch out your towel to dry your hair or leave it to dry off itself. Make sure you put a hand towel on your back throughout the process.

With these simple steps, I want to believe that you’d develop the confidence to wash your hair all by yourself. So, try to maintain your curly natural hair. It makes you naturally beautiful.

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