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To pursue your dreams, you need a healthy amount of self esteem which in turn, fuels your motivation. Motivation is the driving force that propels you to act. You can’t achieve anything without it. So, if your self esteem influences your motivation to pursue your dreams, how can you have a healthy dose of it? And how does it affect your dreams really?

Self esteem is your self-worth, the way you view yourself in comparison with no one, it is your self-pride. Self-concept is the knowledge of yourself, your self-definition. As a dreamer, if you allow your circumstances to define your self-concept, you’ll never have a healthy self-esteem. Instead, see yourself in the light of your dreams and who you hope to become.

Joseph didn’t allow his circumstances to cloud his self-worth. He never saw himself as a slave or prisoner. He knew he was made for the palace, no wonder he carried out his duty with excellence despite his circumstances!

Until you begin to see yourself in the picture of your future, you will struggle with a low self-concept! And when this happens, you’ll belittle your abilities; and you need these abilities to pursue your dreams.

Gideon was addressed by the angel as, “the mighty man of valour.” He had the strength he needed to deliver his people. But he never knew it because he saw himself as the least important in his family!

Nine of the Ten spies sent by Moses saw themselves as grasshoppers compared to the Canaanites. It was only Caleb who had a different attitude because he believed they could capture the land irrespective of their circumstances. You know what happened afterwards.

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What is the basis of your self worth? Some people have become victims of aborted dreams because they sum up themselves by their circumstances– their poor family status, joblessness, deficiencies, failures, deformities etc.

I don’t allow circumstances to define me.  I don’t look down on myself because of my naked bank account or because I don’t use designer wears. I don’t feel inferior because I don’t own a car or use the latest technological devices. I don’t feel intimidated by anyone, even if I stand beside the president’s daughter!  I see myself in the picture of my future. I’m so excited about my dreams. I don’t allow things to give me value, because things are transient.

I urge you to have this spirit, and you’ll develop the self-esteem needed for you to pursue your dreams! See you at the top.

Olu Mabel


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