Women are natural worriers; they worry over their children, husbands, parents, careers and so on. Worry means legitimate concern about something or someone. Worry is synonymous to anxiety; worry also means to be mentally agitated over problems or fears. The problem with worry is that it only aggravates the situation.

Worry has a lot of downsides:

Damages health

Worry can damage your health. A lot of health problems are associated with worry; these include sleeplessness or insomnia, high blood pressure, migraine, headaches lack of appetite and consequent weight loss, etc. worrying can disrupt the body system.

Compounds the problem

Worrying will only compound the problem; it would not bring any solution. When a person is worried, he can’t sleep, he can’t eat or do anything else, he won’t be able to think straight or think of possible solutions. This aggravates the situation the more.

Breeds fear

Worry could also breed fear, when a person is worried he cannot see solutions and he begins to fear and expect the worst outcome. The problem looms large in his face and would appear bigger than its actual proportion.

How not to worry

Pray. The Bible enjoins us not to worry or fret about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplications we should make our requests known to God. In another place, it also says we should cast our cares on Him because He cares for us. Instead of worrying or complaining, bring the problem before God in prayer, turn the situation to supplication. Commit the matter to God, let Him take care of it; don’t think about or worry over it anymore, let God handle it. Unburden your heart in His presence.

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Give thanks and rejoice

Give thanks to God because He has answered your prayer. Rejoice because the problem or challenge has been solved.

Light comes

As you begin to give thanks to God and rejoice, light comes, the problem is solved, solution comes to the problem. God would show you the light and wisdom to deal with the situation.

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