Gizdodo/Dodo Gizzards are coined names for a Nigerian dish prepared with a combination of gizzards and fried plantains (dodo).

Chicken gizzards is best used for this recipe, but you can also substitute it for turkey or duck gizzards. As for the plantains, I’ll highly recommend ripe plantains with some black spots (on the skin), but not overly ripe, so that you don’t end up with a less appealing meal.

Gizdodo is also known as Gizzards and dodo, or Gizzdo , so if you see it on a buffet menu, don’t be flustered…it’s just your normal gizzards and plantain…with a yummy spicy twist.

It is also a party favourite and served as a meal or accompanied by other dishes or small chops (appetizers).


Ingredients for Gizdodo/Dodo Gizzards

* 500 grams, Chicken gizzards

* 1 ripe Plantain

* 3 large Roma tomatoes (fresh tomatoes)

* 2 Habenero pepper (atarodo) (to suit your taste)

* 1 red bell pepper (tatashe) (optional)

* 1 teaspoonful ground crayfish (optional)

* 1 large onion bulb (cut into 2 halves)

*1 garlic clove/half teaspoon garlic powder (optional)

* Half teaspoon each of Curry and Thyme

* 2 bouillon/stock cubes

* Vegetable oil (enough for frying)

Note: if you have chicken stew, you won’t be needing the tomatoes and peppers.

For the Garnish you need:

This garnish gives colour to the meal

* 1 green bell pepper (chopped into tiny cubes)

* 1 red bell pepper (chopped into tiny cubes)

* 1 small red onion bulb (chopped into tiny cubes)




* Clean the gizzards by removing the yellow lining.  Then wash the gizzards with salted water or lemon juice. Scrub well to get rid of any dirt. Then rinse the gizzards in running water, strain and set aside.

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** You can cut the cooked gizzards into smaller bite sizes.

Tip: If you buy yours prepacked, it is possible that the yellow lining won’t be there, so simply wash in salted water or lime/lemon juice, rinse and strain.


  1. Place the cleaned gizzards into a pot, pour enough water to half the level of the gizzards. Season with half onion bulb, garlic, one stock cube, thyme, curry and salt to taste. Cook until tender and set aside.


Tip: Gizzard is a tough meat (a muscle meat to be precise) and most people assume that it does not absorb any of the seasonings while cooking. But I highly recommend that you season the gizzards properly using as much seasoning as you are comfortable with and let the stock dry as it cooks the meat. You’ll be amazed at how tasty gizzards can be.


  1. Next, cut the plantains into cubes and fry in hot vegetable oil until brown. Transfer onto a sieve.

Fry the gizzards in the same oil until brown and also transfer onto a sieve lined with paper towels to absorb excess oil.

Tip: For a healthier option, grill the gizzards in the oven until brown.


  1. Chop the tomatoes and peppers and blend coarsely.

Heat up some oil, add chopped onions, fry a bit and add the ground crayfish (remember the crayfish is optional).

Stir-Fry for 5 seconds and then pour the blended mix into the pot and fry for about 10-15 minutes or until the sour taste is lost.

Then add one stock cube and salt to taste. Simmer for 2 minutes. And set aside

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Tip: You’ll know the sauce is ready when the oil rises to the top of the stew.

Tip: If you have chicken stew, you can skip step 3.


  1. Add the fried gizzards to the sauce and simmer for 1 minute to soak in the sauce.

Add the fried plantains, chopped onions, green & red peppers. Mix thoroughly and put off the heat.

And your meal is ready.

Gizdodo/Dodo Gizzard can be served by itself or with jollof rice, coconut rice or plain boiled white rice. The choice is yours, Enjoy!

Omatseye Oti

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