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DIY Hack: 5 Easy Steps to Wash Your Synthetic Braids at Home

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Synthetic braids are a common way to protect your natural hair from the elements and are a great time saver. They come in many variants, giving you a wide selection to choose from. However, after a week or two of rocking braids, many women start experiencing discomfort from them. By this time, the braids have collected dirt from hair products used and dust which might lead to an itchy scalp. The good news is that it is possible to wash your braids, keep that scalp clean and avoid patting your hair every time.

Here is a simple do it yourself step-by-step procedure for cleaning your synthetic braids and giving you an itch-free scalp:

Do It Yourself: Follow These Steps to Wash Your Synthetic Braids at Home

Choose the shampoo that works for you

Choose the appropriate shampoo for your hair type. Go for shampoos with natural extracts since they contribute to your hair health. Mix the shampoo of your choice with warm water to form an easy to work with lather.  Warm water is preferable since it clears off oils and dirt faster than cold water.

Lather the shampoo all over your braids

Work the lather all over your scalp section by section by flipping the braids to reach out to the roots. Gently rub the lather using your fingertips in circular motions. Avoid using fingernails or rough motions as these will make your braids tangle and appear fuzzy after drying. Rinse the shampoo lather off starting with the roots to ensure no residue is left. Again work in gentle circular motions.

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Condition your hair with your choice of product and wring the braids gently  

To condition your hair and keep it hydrated, select a conditioner with healthy extracts and mix with warm water to form a lather. Both leave-in and rinse-able conditioners are okay to use on braids. Repeat the wash procedure like for shampoo and work the mixture all over your scalp. Ensure it seeps to the roots. Leave it on for five to ten minutes. For leave-in conditioner, you will be good to go to the next step. For the other kind of conditioner, rinse gently and ensure all residue is washed off.

Wrap the braids in a towel

To dry your synthetic braids, hold and wring them gently to remove excess water. For better results, hold in small batches and repeat the process to cover all braids. Without pulling on them, wrap your braids with a towel and let them absorb more water.

Let dry and style as desired

Unwrap the braids to allow drying by free air or for faster results, blow them with a dryer. Ensure they are completely dry to avoid mildew or bad odour associated with wet synthetic hair. Once they are completely dry, rehydrate your scalp with hair oil of your choice, again paying attention to those with natural extracts for healthier hair.

Style as desired.


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