Are you ready to be victorious in every area of your life from romance to finance? Do you long to look, feel, and be fabulous from the inside out? Most importantly, are you ready to make the necessary changes in your life that will take you to the next level?

That is what the back cover of the book reads. True to that mouth-watering promise, bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond delivers an incredibly precise package on how to get and keep a victorious attitude as a woman; an attitude that will set you apart and give you a style that is uniquely yours.

Michelle bases her book on the idea that our attitude affects who we are and what we do. Becoming a diva is not an easy job. According to Ms. Hammond, a diva is a woman who always thirsts for knowledge and wisdom. She is willing to step out of her comfort zone to do what needs to be done. She is not self-absorbed or selfish. A diva encourages others to be all they can be. She accepts God’s higher calling for her life. A diva knows her strengths and works on her weaknesses. She knows how to handle basic areas of life such as finances, dressing, cooking, and housekeeping. A diva is confident in herself and happy with how God designed her.

The DIVA Principle is divided into four parts: mental, emotional, spiritual, and practical living. Within each of the book’s four sections, chapters focus on a different diva from the Bible. A Diva Confession and a Div-otion closes each chapter.

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Get Your Head Together, Girlfriend! deals with the mental aspect of becoming a ‘diva’ as Michelle focuses on mental attitude and preparation. Learning to think like a diva, Michelle expounds, is the first step in stepping out of the norm and living a beautifully creative life. It deals with issues like the quest for knowledge, appreciating those who have what you want or desire and are able to impact your life if you do not let yourself become a victim of jealousy and covetousness.

In Get Your Heart Together, Sister! the message is clear; Michelle spotlights Ruth to show the endurance and courage of a diva. Mary mother of Jesus is in this section as an example of a diva’s heart. Mary accepted God’s purpose for her life even though it meant changing her own personal agenda.

Get Your Life Together, Lady! focuses on explaining to women the true meaning of beauty. Outward adornment should be a reflection of a woman’s spirit. So, be careful when considering what image you want to portray to the world. Spend more time in quiet devotion and always keep each aspect of your life in perspective. These are the salient points in this section of the book.

In Get Your Act Together, Woman! Michelle offers simple, practical, overview tips on issues including finances, cleaning house, and cooking. Michelle encourages women to make their homes part of themselves. She suggests having little touches of our style throughout our home to make it our haven.

Closing the book with easy-to-prepare mouth-watering recipes, Ms Hammond gives her readers much to ponder on along with practical action points to make your goals achievable. I recommend this book to all women regardless of age, marital status, financial difficulties or spiritual journey. It will turn your life around.

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