When we talk about disciplining kids, it is often associated mainly with spanking. Though there is no doubt that the holy bible says spare the rod and spoil the child but how well do we translate this when dealing with kids. Consistent using of the rod is not a prelude to discipline, instead it brings about fear and makes kids carry out bad behaviors while sneaking around and avoiding being caught. Hence the following tips for disciplining kids:

Set expectations for good behaviors. This lays a good foundation for disciplining kids. Kids often times learn from what they see and not what they hear. For instance if you want your kids to have good table manners, ensure that you as a parent also keep up to good table manners. Thus, you have to be a good role model to your child.

Set clear boundaries and consequences for kids. If your child breaks a rule, ensure they get the consequences for their actions. If a child doesn’t do his/her chores, withdraw him/her from watching TV for a certain period. Be consistent in carrying out disciplinary measures, it looks easier said than done right? On days when you are stressed out after a hard day’s job, your child exhibit a bad behavior and you decide to overlook it, they will not know how to behave in a good and acceptable behavior at all times.

Teach kids the natural implications of their bad behaviors. If a child refuses to do his/her assignment as a result of watching TV, don’t help out, instead ensure he/she takes the undone assignment to school and face the punishment from the teacher. This will help the child to begin to learn how to set priorities, next time he/she will understand that assignment comes first before playing.

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Ensure that the first time a child acts in an unacceptable manner, discuss with the child why such behavior is wrong and tell them what the consequences of such actions if repeated.

When disciplining kids, do not make threats that are not realistic. Imagine you tell your child “If you don’t wash your plate, I will never give you pocket money to school.” Don’t forget kids are good mimics, once such statements are made; they consider it as a mere threat and won’t take you seriously. Instead for not washing his/her plate, ensure he/she washes everyone’s plate for the rest of the day. In other words, give punishments that are equivalent to their bad behaviours.

Always reward good behaviors. Just as you discipline behaviours that are bad, also reinforce and reward good behaviors.

Discipline is done out of love and should be done consistently to ensure kids develop and maintain good and acceptable manners always.


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