Switch your style 24/7

That is the buy line of a popular hair extension company. While it is important to wear beautiful hairstyles, there are however styles that are suitable for different seasons of the year.

Braids and twists

Braids and twists are great for all seasons including harmattan and rainy season. However, if you wear braids and twists or any style at all during the rainy, ensure you carry shower caps in your bags. You don’t want the rain to soak the hair and cause it to smell or itch you.

Weave-on and extension

These are preferable during the harmattan and rainy season while you should wear them less during the dry and hot season. During the dry and hot season, the heat may become intense, causing the scalp to itch you. So you can wear your lovely weave-ons during the harmattan and rainy seasons, while keeping the braids and twists for dry and hot seasons.

Maintaining braids and twists

Example of braids and twists are Ghana weaving, kinky braids, loose braids, dreadlocks etc. Braids, like dreadlocks, kinky braids, etc can be kept for a relatively long time.

It is fine to keep them for a long time; some can keep them for 3 months,while some keep dreadlocks for longer than 6 months. It is important that you maintain the hair, wash it at least once in a month at the salon. Ensure you spray it with oil every other day and apply hair cream or shea butter on your scalp. This helps to keep the hair nourished throughout its lifespan.

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If you are wearing braids like Ghana weaving it is important that you cream your scalp, the root of your hair and the frontline of your hair with a good hair cream preferable mixed with shea butter. This helps to reduce hair loss and breakage. Many ladies complain of hair loss after removing Ghana weaving or some other types of braids. This simple step will help a great deal.

Maintaining weave-ons and extensions

These are relatively easier to maintain. Ensure you comb it out every morning to prevent it from getting tangled. If you are trying to keep curls, you can arrange them by carefully picking them with a picking comb; this well help even out the compressed hair after you have woken up in the morning. You can spray it with weave-on oil or rub with serum; this helps to keep the hairstyle shining throughout the period you will have it on. Also, remember to cream your scalp from time to time, this helps to keep your hair from loss and breakage while growing underneath the weave-on.

Natural hair or virgin hair

Some people prefer to keep their hair natural for personal convictions and religious reasons, while some just love that curly African hair. For whatever reasons, keeping your hair natural is also a good way to wear your hair. Ensure that you wash the hair at least once in a month. For the very thick texture natural hair there are some hair creams that help to soften the hair making it less painful when being made. Bergamot Softsheen Carson is a good one; you can mix this with shea butter it will help to soften the hair.

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General tips

Avoid relaxing hair too frequently

Avoid relaxing your hair too frequently, doing so would weaken your hair and could make it discolored over time. Personally, I recommend three times in a year, i.e. every four months. To prevent discoloration, it is better to stick to a particular type of relaxer.

After relaxing or retouching your hair, allow it to stay for at least 2 weeks before making a new style. This helps to strengthen the hair.


You should not wear weave-on for longer than 6 weeks, no matter how neat it still looks. Normally it should not even go beyond 4 weeks, however, due to one reason or the other you may not be able to do that, but don’t allow it to extend beyond 6 weeks. It is time to remove it, wash it and wear a new style.

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