Declutter your home

Cluttering starts with not letting old and useless articles and items go. Most of these articles are worthless, but some people can’t just let their garbage go. This is how gradually the house becomes cluttered with garbage.

We bring you helpful tips on how to de-clutter your home.

Change your mind-set

allow old and worthless articles to go. You don’t have to keep everything; if you consider the items important, you could give it away to charity or to someone else that needs them.

Work on each room one after the other.

Empty the room

remove all the items in the room as if you are about to move out.

Return only the most important items into the room. For a living room, the most important items will include the TV, stereo, sofa, throw pillows, couch, chairs etc. After doing this, you will realise which of the other items could be categorised as clutter.

Locate where all the important things should be placed in the room

Then begin to put the items in position in such a way that there is free movement around the room.

Layer the room

Select a few accessories and decorate the room. The items could include your paintings, pictures, a flower vase, rugs, lamps etc. Take note of how the room is being gradually transformed. You do not have to use all your collection of accessories at once. You can keep the rest in a store while you change them seasonally or from time to time.

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Avoid cluttering the room again

After sorting all the items, you could keep the useful ones in a store, the broken and useless ones, close your eyes and throw them away. Also you could give items away to charity or put them up for sale.

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