…dear ember months

It’s the time of the year when the hustle and bustle unconsciously increases its percent. Of course, ember months are September, October, November and December and within these few months, fear grips most people. This is because everyone is spiritually sensitive.

After struggling through the year, it is the goal of many that they see the end of the year. But, why do ember months come with so much fear? One of the questions I am so curious about.

I can only imagine the answers because ember months are believed to be the most dreaded period of the year and so, people get really scared because of lots of superstitious beliefs that are attached to the months.

However, ember months, even if it gets harder to get out of the cocoon I have built under the dozens of duvets in my bed and face the madness called life, I’d still face them. It is said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The months might become harder, the jobs become more stressful, and the weekends extremely short, I still believe in my little strengths and abilities. You know why?

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Even if the goals and resolutions made at the start of the year become daunting, every unmet target reminds me of failure and I become weak, I will remind myself that I still have the pulse. So, anytime I am at the low moments, I’d feel the pulse which is an assurance that the race is not over. Therefore, we move.

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Also, I’d remind myself that, I have a dream because if I don’t chase my dreams, who will? It’s normal to say to myself that I am yet to build the empire I promised myself while the ember months started already but, it is my long and short term dream and I will achieve it.

For me, ember months are just as good as every other months. Don’t put too much emphasis on the bad happening. Focus on the good and your goals. So, welcome to the Ember months.

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