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Dear Diary: The Beginning

“The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place”– Barbara De Angelis

Dear Diary,

That must have been the upteenth time I have read that quote. But who would blame me. They sound so very true looking back at it all now. The promises, the lies, the joy, the sadness and the “The” itself are all definite and they all definitely caught up with me and re wrote my story.

How we change as humans. Is it us? Is it pure happenstance? Or perhaps those association that magnetically adhere us against our will, influencing us beyond recognition like some altered ego?

Well, the outpouring of my soul is much easier emptied into some faceless white pages- the reasons aren’t far-fetched.  For one, you – Dearest Diary, can’t talk back at me, and for the most part, you can’t judge me, you can’t even dare! Do you lighten the weight of my burden? Oh no! Far from it. But babe, the marriage of my thoughts, your blank pages and my pen, is sure made in heaven…it my heavy soul eases!

“You coward” my inner devil retorted
“Go to hell” I countered.

Sometimes I wish I could exorcise the evil spirit of my personal demonic journey into you physically “Dear D” but I guess the evil that men do have been doomed to live after them. In my case, I sometimes wonder if I’m cursed.

I went for a spiritual deliverance once you know?  It’s hard to believe right? Believe it or nay, I did. But you know what?  Before I splatter you with my runny ink of scattered thoughts and emotions, I guess I should start from where it makes sense to start- The Beginning.

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