Everyone feels lonely and isolated from time to time, but long periods of isolation can have a negative impact on your physical and emotional health and well-being. Let me bring back to your memory that, we started this series with the topic “What You Should Know About Loneliness.” Then, we proceeded to discussing the topic, “Overcoming the feelings of Depression” last week.

Finally, we’d be discussing “Dealing with Isolation” today to wrap up the series. It’s been an amazing journey because we unleashed so many ways to improve the status of our mental health. The world we live in today has made our mental health so paramount to not just individuals but to groups in the society.

Isolation is being separated from other people and your environment. Sometimes, this occurs through the decisions we make ourselves or because of life circumstances and events such as loss of a loved one, language barriers among others.

Also, many people struggle with isolation. It is easy, even in vogue to blame society for our problems. While saying society is the major part of isolation, it should be reminded that everyone including you made up the society. We are the society. In other words, we are blaming ourselves.

It is one of those things to feel isolated but, what are the signs that isolation is having a negative impact on you?

  • Low energy and lack of motivation.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Loss of appetite and sudden weight loss.
  • Increased consumption of alcohol.
  • Thoughts of suicide.
What are the Simplest Strategies to Deal with Isolation?

First, Keep in Contact with Others.

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You can reach out to your friends and tell them you’d like to hang out with them. We all need people at every point in our lives because the feelings that people are around you can make you genuinely happy. So, with the feelings of being connected to people, it helps you to grow from isolation.

Also, You Need More Confidence.

In life, you need confidence in every aspect. Whether in your career or relationship, confidence makes you to leave your comfort zone to do what you think is impossible. When you are in solitude for too long, you begin to think that others will not understand you or they will reject you.

Furthermore, Reflect on the “Why’s”. 

You are important to people. Maybe you should reflect on what makes you happy and fulfilled. You never can tell if you are a source of inspiration to your neighbours or if you are the reason that one person smiles always. Having a reason to continue living is much more important.

What you need to get out of the series

Your mental health is important because it is a vital part of your life. It impacts your thoughts, behaviour and emotions. Being healthy emotionally can promote productivity and effectiveness in activities.

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