You think you have a problem.

Your spouse is a spender, while you are a saver. Or you are a gambler, but your spouse is risk-averse. This always creates strife in the home. “We just aren’t compatible!” You tell yourself, “Why didn’t we notice that when we were dating?”

During dating it is possible not to have noticed this, to a degree, about your spouse. But this should not put an end to your romance or marital peace. What can be done to manage this seeming incompatibility? Let’s look at a few things that can help;


The first thing to get right is knowledge of the personality type of your spouse. Discuss the five personality types, talk to each other about your personalities and any short-term and long-term goals. Don’t judge each other; simply listen and try to understand where your partner is coming from.


Whenever there is a mismatch in your financial personalities, discuss the underlying concerns a financial decision is raising. If you’re Risk-Averse and concerned of a huge upcoming expense, consider building a stronger emergency fund first. If you’re trying to put together a family budget but one of you is a Saver and the other is a Spender, maybe you could compromise that you’ll save X naira a month but also allow for X naira a month in guilt-free spending money.

Work as a team

Work together as a team, complimenting and keep each other in check. This will make you stronger in the long run as a couple, but only if you work together. Learn to approach money decisions, not as a “me vs. you,” but as a united front. Eventually, you would find that sweet spot where you make the perfect team.

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When the above suggestions are applied with an understanding that everyone is still a work-in-progress, money personality differences will be handled in a more mature way. And the peace and goal for financial freedom will never be jeopardised.

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