The demand for daycare service is on the rise.

Traditionally, it is the duty of the African woman to take good care of the family while the man goes out to source for bread.

But tradition is losing its grip on modern society, and most of the things that were accepted as the norm are not only being questioned today, a good number of them have been relegated to the background.

Thus it is almost impossible to find a full housewife these days. Women now see themselves as responsible as men; with the majority of them doing nine to five as well.

As a result, a vacuum has being created in the role they once played. Creches are left under the care of housemaids; as working class nursing-mothers no longer have time to their nursing.

However, most families are not comfortable with the idea of living their kids under the care of housemaids. Because they believe that majority of them don’t have what it takes to look after toddlers.

This is why the demand for daycare service has been on the rise for some time now.

How to start a daycare service?

Here’s what you need to know to start off your daycare business:

  1. Source for very good location

Location is one of the factors that determine the success or failure of many businesses. And is also applicable to daycare service as well.

The ideal location for a daycare centre is a safe, clean, accessible and close to the homes or offices of parents who can afford your services.

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Therefore, you should bear in mind that the environmental atmosphere must appeal to parents as well making children happy and comfortable.

Although a daycare operation can be home-based or in a dedicated facility around shopping malls, industrial and office areas, it’s important to ensure that all the potential dangers that could affect your business are kept at bay.

Additionally, all the necessary facilities must be made available. A few of these include: kitchen, toilets (and maybe bathrooms), beds, blankets, toys and outdoor playgrounds.

  1. Hire the right staff

No matter how small you chose to start, you cannot do it alone. You’ll always be in need of assistance. However, ensure to get the right ones when you start highiring.

Because apart from having a great location with full facilities, the type of people that operate and manage the business with you are part of what will determine the successfulness of the business.

Your staffs should not only be empathetic, they must also be sensitive, patient, loving, and have a natural connection with children.

Remember to keep your reputation in mind when hiring, because your reputation is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise your services and get new customers.

Another important factor to consider when hiring is whether they have basic training in care-giving and first aid.

This is very important because negligence and ignorance can often lead to avoidable accidents and mishaps, and such occurrences can end up thwarting your reputation.

  1. Find out the legal requirements

Most countries have laws that regulate day care services. These laws may require the licensing of day care operators by a relevant government authority or professional association.

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Some of these regulations specify the minimum space and staffing requirements, the maximum number of children that can be admitted (depending on space), types of toys, mandatory documentation and many other things.

  1. You must learn to keep records

Be accurate in the records of all your clients, transactions and events. And to do this, you must have a register that keeps track of all your clients and their children.

Vital information would include names, ages of children, parent’s contact details, medical history, allergies and diet preferences/restrictions.

Do not underestimate the importance of this because it is these records that will help you to detect problems beforehand, as well as providing evidence in case of any dispute. It will also help you improve the quality and efficiency of your services.

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