Dear woman, if love takes all your energy and always leave you stripped and feeling empty, it could be because of all the mistakes you make while dating.

Going into relationships with the wrong mindset will almost always leave you crashing out in bitterness and no matter how many times you try, you are still going to fall short.

To avoid this, here are four relationship habits to drop before your next relationship:

  1. Changing your appearance to get a man

Having a relationship with any particular guy is not a do-or-die thing. You can find love, happiness and peace of mind with more than one person. That idea of having only one soul mate is not true.

So no matter how attracted you are to a guy, it doesn’t make sense to change you appearance because that’s the condition for getting him.

If you must lose weight or alter your physical appearance in any way, let it be because you want to, not because some guy won’t love you otherwise.

The person you want to get with should want to be with you as you are, naked flaws and all.

  1. Give up your dreams

Aside from physical appearance, you also do not need to give up your biggest dreams and aspirations for the sake of a relationship or a guy.

A relationship should help you move forward and advance your goals, not impede your development and stunt your growth.

If you‘ve always had to put your whole life or aspects of it on hold to advance a guy, you’re doing it wrong and it’s time to change.

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It’s good to grow together, no doubt, and it is admirable if you choose to help your man up. But if it has to be either of you, don’t be naïve and put yourself last.

Always choose yourself.

  1. Be in a position to be loved out of pity

Whatever you do, never be in a position that will make a guy love you out of pity.

Even if you shoot your shot, be quick to know when to move on with class if he isn’t interested. If a guy wants you, you will know. If he’s showing signs that he’s not, or if he’s showing mixed signals, don’t hang around for too long to warrant him loving you out of pity.

You can’t convince a man to love you, ladies. He will choose, pursue, and ultimately be with the woman he truly loves each and every time.

Don’t force his hand. If he can’t see the goodness that you are, it’s his loss.

  1. Blame everyone but yourself

Another relationship habit that you need to check and stop is the act of seeing everyone’s fault but yours.

If all your exes complained about the same thing, then maybe you are not perfect as you think in that regard.

You could do things with good intentions which would come out wrong to the recipients of the action. Don’t always blame them for not seeing the purity of their heart, it is your actions that will always be judged.

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