Hello ladies, are you one of those people who believe the hospital should be the last resort whenever you are indisposed? Or do you have your First Aid box stuffed with all kinds of medications that were the Left-overs from previous treatments you used when you were sick and still intend to use? You could be getting in well over your head and doing some serious damage to your health if you indulge in such practices.

There are a lot of good reasons why people tend to self-medicate, but those reasons, when weighed against the inherent risks that result from this unhealthy habit, are not tenable. Some claim being too busy and not having time to go to their medical health provider, familiarity with the presenting symptoms of an illness (yeah…I’m sure it’s Malaria because these are the symptoms I see when it starts), High cost of drugs, distance and location of health facilities, to mention a few, are reasons they have turned” Quack doctors” and treat themselves rather than seeking an expert’s opinion about their health.

Let’s look at some of the dangers of self-medication.

  • Drug addiction/dependency-When your very existence now depends on taking that drug!
  • Drug interaction leading to severe effects on various systems of the body because some drugs just don’t go together.
  • Allergic reactions- Going to a professional for treatment saves us the pains of having to take drugs which could trigger serious reactions in the body.
  • Over/Under dosage. Taking more or below the prescribed dose affects proper treatment and specifically (under dosage) causes Drug Resistance.
  • Kidney Failure- Drugs like paracetamol if abused over time can destroy the kidneys and cause subsequent failure.
  • Treatment complication-Time wasted taking self medication instead of seeking help could further complicate the condition.
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Ladies, we need to seriously unlearn this habit of self-medication as it will only do us more harm than good. Even the common vitamins we take like Vitamin C should not be taken without the right prescription. They are no candies!

As much as possible, let’s seek professional help where our health is concerned. Beware of Self medication!

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