This has been bugging me. I see people especially ladies confessing and publicizing love for their boyfriend online. They post their (themselves and spouse) pictures everywhere with #boo #bae #daddyyo #ayatunde and so on. Some even make it their name on Instagram and other platforms.

Do you know what, some guys do that too, just that they post minimal pictures of the girl online with neutral words to keep them safe. But you the girl, after publicizing your love to an average of 10,000 people online have you ever stop to think?

Has it ever occurred to you what would happen if you break up? How would you explain to all the people who have known you as ‘ayatunde’ that you are no longer with Tunde?  What if after publicizing him so much, someone wants what you have and snatch him from you? What will happen when different people ask you every day, how about your daddy yo? When all you want to do is forget him because he has left you.

You are thinking it probably won’t happen right? That you are safe! Daddy yo is going nowhere, Aya tunde is certified. But is it? Has he put a ring on it? Because unless there is a ring on it AND you are married. You are still single until it becomes otherwise— that is, you are married.

This is my kind of truth: Enjoy your relationship in peace and in private, keep yourself and your relationship safe by not publicizing it to the world— so that you are at least safe from WWE: world wide embarrassment in case something goes wrong. And always remember, either you are in love or not, in a relationship for 10 years or 50. You are still single unless you are married.

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It’s your girl Nifemi, I’ll catch-up with you in my next post. Until then…. Be a sharp girl!

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