If you’re like me, you may on occasion like to switch it up with the colour of your hair. It can be fun switching from colour to colour from blond to red, and even dare I say blue. But, generally dyeing your hair is regarded as a “No-No”. However, for my fellow hair risk takers, here’s a little advice for keeping your coloured locks looking nice, shiny and healthy.

Before you go out and buy hair dye, make sure your hair is healthy first
Generally, hair dye tends to suck out moisture from your hair. So, if your hair is breaking, has split ends or any other ailment, dyeing your hair might be a better option at a later time when your hair has regained its strength.

What hair dye to buy
If you are just trying hair dye for the first time a rinse out dye would be best. Using dyes like this means that
1. They are not permanent
2. After a few shampoos the hair dye washes out completely
There are some rinse-out dyes that you can use immediately after a relaxer. Be sure to read the label on the dye before you buy.

Follow the instructions on the dye label for use
It is very important that you follow the instructions on the label before using the dye you have chosen. Not all products work the same

Use a lot of conditioners and keep hair moisturized
After dyeing your hair, it is very important to use a deep conditioner at least once to keep your hair from breaking. Also ensure that you keep hair well moisturized at least three times a week. Your hair should not be greasy mind you, but constant attention with not too heavy creams will help.

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Shea butter
Shea butter is great for skin and for hair, and since we have it in Nigeria in its natural state in abundance no need to go for the already processed ones. Use as a moisturizer for your hair, but ensure your hair is not overly oily.

Professional dyeing
The safest bet for dyeing hair is to go to a professional to dye your hair. The professional is sure to dye your hair properly, and give you advice on your hair texture.
Well, I am sure you ladies have other things you do to keep your hair healthy. You can add this to your regime if you don’t already do some if not all.

Here’s wishing you a great day and healthy hair!

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