The living room or sitting room is the place where we receive and entertain visitors. It is the first point of contact in the house and sometimes the only place that visitors get to see, except they are staying over. So you need to make a statement with it. The living room is also the place where the family usually gets together and has a great bonding time; it could be converted into an impromptu home theatre, study area or sometimes, even dining room.

Whether you have a large living room space or a small space to work with, with some creative ideas you can create something beautiful. Small spaces would look just as great as large living rooms with some touch of ingenuity. Keeping it small and simple is the key to creating beautiful designs in small living rooms.

Here are a few pointers to make your living room not just exceptionally beautiful, but warm and welcoming too.



Choose colours that complement each other, or are tones and shades of the same colour. You could choose three basic colours and one highlight colour to build around. Choose warm and neutral colours; giving it a unique texture by using faux. Place your furniture disproportionately around the room creating at least two centres of attraction so that they are spectacular to behold.



Furniture is a major part of the living room so it has to be beautiful and proper. Choose furniture that fit the living room; for smaller spaces choose smaller and fewer pieces of furniture and for large rooms you can have bigger and more pieces of furniture. Choose furniture that would make your living room look gorgeous. Make sure the colours of the upholstered pieces blend with the colour theme of the living room. It does not necessarily have to be exactly the same colours but colours that complement the general theme of the room. The colours of the curtains, the walls, the centre piece rug, wall papers etc. must be well coordinated.

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Open Spaces

Open spaces are good; they allow for free flow of traffic and movement. It also makes the place look better and lighter. This is appropriate for large families of more than five and for families with many kids. You can arrange furniture in a central island, while you place a tall plant or flower or a sculpture in a corner of the room.  If you have a large space, you can make your living room in form of open space.



Ensure that your living room is well-lighted; the way the room is lighted also adds beauty to it. Hidden bulbs are good; they lighten up the place without necessarily being too bright. You could have chandeliers for bigger living rooms; creating a subtle classical effect. You could use overhead spots like track lighting to magnify some parts of the living room. Pin lights and recessed lightings are also good ideas. Avoid placing light near the television and other LED electronics because they emit light on their own.



Hanging a painting or an artwork is a great way to add a point of attraction to your living room. However limit this to one or two particularly for a small space so that you do not have an overcrowded view or scenery.

When you use a painting ensure that it suits the design concept of the house. Make sure the size is appropriate for the room. If you use small paintings, you can have two or three of the same sizes put side by side. Also, if you want to hang a small painting you could place it in a large moulding frame to the wall and have the painting inside it, or you could frame it in a large frame to make it look big. Using a mural is also a good idea.

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Consider large windows

Using large windows will enable the living room to have ample natural light. You can use heavy blinds or curtains to cover them at night.


Hide television

The television is usually the point of attraction; preferably use a flat-panel TV, use flat screen or tubeless. This makes the TV to blend in well with the other pieces of furniture without being bogus. You can convert your living room into an instant theatre by having a dimmer switch and dimming the lights. You can have a curved ceiling baffle to improve your acoustics.



Use an attractive centrepiece for your living room table or shelf. You could use fresh flowers or other beautiful items that can add beauty and accent to your living room. If using flowers, use a unique flower vase taking into consideration the colour theme of your living room.

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