Each morning when I get to work early, I often meet my colleagues Mr. Wale and Mrs.Tope Ojo who happen to be a couple chatting in their car. After a while you see them walk into the office and settle down in their individual work station to start the day’s activities. I admire them a lot because of their cheerfulness at every point you meet them. At times I wonder what happens behind closed doors regarding their job. Often times I hear that companies do not allow couples work in the same organization , but do that still hold today?

Depending on your views about spouses working in the same organization, for some of them it could help strengthen their relationship while for others it could be an express toll to continuous conflicts that could lead to divorce. Often times spouses find it very difficult.

Questions that come to mind are how they manage the conflicts birthed at home from being escalated in the workplace? How do they even make decisions in their work place without been biased or the show of spouse’s interest?  The worries led to consulting a few people on their thoughts and I presume that the following tips will help spouses to trail this path with caution if they have to work in the same organization.

Set clear boundaries between work and home: These are two separate entities that should be handled differently. There should be no carryover of disagreements from work to home or home to work. Take for instance, if your spouse forgets to carry out a task at home, make sure it isn’t escalated in the workplace and it shouldn’t have any negative effect on your productivity at work. Hmmmm….  that seems difficult right? Through practice, you will be able to create a clear distinction between work and home.

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Maintain individuality at work: If possible go to work separately so you both can have a personal time to have your thoughts. This is quite helpful because at times each spouse needs that little space.

Create a workspace: As much as possible don’t go around hanging on each other’s table. Take for instance instead of walking to your spouse’s work station to clarify on a subject regarding a discussion with a client, send him/her a mail. This reduces constant face to face communication, conflicts and minimizes the chances of both of you stepping on each other’s toes.

It is advisable to work in separate units: One of the major challenge with working in the same department is that there is a possibility you will both handle a couple of projects together and this may lead to stepping on each other’s toes. Due to your varied personalities, if one spouse works smarter and receives more attention from the boss than the other, it could most likely lead to envy and this is not healthy for their home.

Respect for each other is very important: If one spouse is a subordinate, there should be mutual respect at all times. To ensure that work goes smoothly, each other’s contributions to a project must be respected.

If after trying out these tips and it still doesn’t work for both spouses, it is advisable that either of the spouses should resign and join another company. This is to help safeguard your marriage.


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