Ofada Rice and is a native Nigerian meal that originates from the Yoruba land, precisely the Ofada region in Ogun state.

Apart from its delicious taste, what makes Ofada rice stand out among all other kinds of rice is its unique presentation and pungent aroma which give the appeal of a local homemade food.

Another difference between the Ofada rice sauce and other kinds of sauce is the fact that apart from using red pepper in the preparation, it is made with both red and green pepper, in fact, some people prefer to use only green pepper.

Because of the extra time and detail spent in preparing it, Ofada rice is not an everyday food but served on special occasions or Sundays.

Ingredients for Ofada Rice and Ofada Sauce

Ofada rice

Palm oil

Hanabero pepper (rodo)

Red Bell pepper (Tatashe)

Green tatashe pepper or green bell peppers


Locust beans

Assorted meat: Beef, Cow Intestines, Tripe (Sharki), Pomo

Crayfish, Dry fish, Stock fish

Seasoning cubes

Salt to taste

Cooking Directions for Ofada

Rinse the rice properly, getting rid of stones and boil till well cooked.

Cook all the meat and fish until it is well done.

Blend the pepper and onions together.

Pour the red palm oil into a pan and bleach till it turns clear. Leave the oil to cool down a bit then add the blended pepper. Fry till all the water has dried from the pepper.

Add the crayfish, locust bean, assorted meat and fish and stir well.

Add salt, seasoning cube and leave to simmer. Your Ofada rice is ready to be served.

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For special effects, serve it in banana leaves.

Because of the rich unconventional taste of Ofada rice, it leaves you feeling great. I recommend you eat Ofada rice before you sit for an important exam or before you go in for any major presentation, in order to get your brain well charged. (Just remember to floss after, so that the pungent smell of the rice and locust beans doesn’t leave traces).


Adanma Onuoha


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