There are many reasons why people are not successful at job interviews despite adequate preparation, a well written cover letter and resume etc. We highlight some reasons why people often fail to pass an interview.

  1. Your qualifications did not match the job offer
    Sometimes out of frustration, people apply for jobs which they are not qualified for or is even below their qualification. It is important that applicants read the job description and understand what the recruiter wants before applying.
  2. Long CV
    Make your resume brief; summarise your achievements in simple, short sentences. Recruiters usually have thousands of CVs to review, they may not be patient to read to the end of long CVs.
  3. Not paying attention to application instructions
    Sometimes job seekers are applying for several opportunities simultaneously. In this case, it is easy to overlook the instructions or requirements from each organisation. Avoid making this mistake, pay attention to the requirements of each opportunity and comply. Do not use the same CV to apply for all the openings; tailor your CV according to the requirement of each opening.
  4. The posting was “preoccupied” Sometimes a company may have an an internal or previously identified candidate for the job. They could just post the “vacancy”as a matter of obligation rather than need for candidates.
  5. Too many candidates. The Nigerian job market is rife with competition. There may just be too many qualified candidates for the job. Don’t worry the right offer will come your way.
  6. The job is not in the location listed. Sometimes the company may be looking for someone to move to a distant city while they have no intentions of bearing the relocation cost. In that instance it is not advisable to take up that kind of offer, because you may be running at a loss.
  7. Long job description. Sometimes companies deliberatey make job descriptions long and complicated because they are looking for a few candidates.
  8. Age. This is a major determinant for some companies. Once you are above the prescribed age, even if you are qualified, they won’t employ you. The sam applies to class of grade. Some companies will not recruit candidates who have below 2-1.
  9. You don’t fit racially. Some companies are racially biased, they favour candidates from particular races. I remember one of my relations was in this predicament, he was discriminated because he was not a citizen of that foreign country. Luckily, he got a better job where they gave him a better package.
  10. The recruiter / HR was feeling just plain lazy, privileged or just too important to actually delve into their job for the day.
  11. Your resume did not have the right keywords. Nowadays, recruiters use various applicants management systems that filter applications based on keywords. All applications pass through certain keyword searches. If your resume do not have these key words, it may not come up for review.
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We hope you find these tips useful and take heed  when next you apply for an opportunity.

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