You would think that water, ice-cream, salt, candles and snow (which I have never seen) won’t hold any meaning aside from what they’re used for, right? Well, last night, a conversation set me thinking about candles in a different way, not because that conversation was about candles but rather, because I had to think of some way to express something. You know how that relating with certain people leave you with a different experience, well, what if you had to describe these experiences?

I have thought of the many relationships (for clarity sake, I’m not talking about male-female relations but about human relations in general) in my life and have tried to describe them using common things, I have tried to use some sort of analogies (well…maybe you won’t exactly call them analogies…)

Like candles…
It’s like we all have these candles we carry in life…certain people and experiences leave our light burning brighter; others smother you; another set of people come with so much heat they melt you; now, with the best set of people, you feel your light shines even brighter just because they’re there. You’re just certain that they’ll still be there burning bright when you feel your glow is fading…you’re certain they’ll be the ones to bend to share their light and get you burning again at those times when life’s winds put you out…

Like snow or fire
Like snow, some people land so softly in your life and after a while, they melt away and you just can’t find a trace of them. Like fire, certain people could burn or refine you. Depending on what you are made of, and what kind of people they are, they’ll leave you either as coal or as clear refined gold.

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Like the wind
Certain people come at you like a whirlwind, so strongly you have to keep your hold on to something well enough to keep from being blown away. Others, like a gentle breeze, have some cool subtle effect on you. Certain others, though, are just plain air, you can’t even feel them. They’ve got no impact whatsoever on you.

Like salt or a sundae
Relationships with certain people taste like salt, you want ‘just a pinch’, just a little of them once in a while is fine, but get too much of them and you can’t bear the taste. Certain others make you think of a yummy sundae on a hot day, you don’t want to see the bottom of the cup, you want to keep enjoying them, scoop after scoop, but you know deep down it’s unhealthy. If you’re wise, you will let them go.

Like water and depth
Certain relationships lack depth, like water in a teacup, they provide just enough depth to cover part of your little finger. Certain relationships can be likened to a regular bathtub, you can get your whole self immersed in them but you have to lay still. These relationships never get deeper than the way they were when you first met. Certain others, like an Olympic size swimming pool, give you more space, you get to dive and duck, and completely immerse yourself, only, after some time, you discover the four corners/walls and you get to reach the bottom of the pool. It takes just that long for you to realise that aside from the initial buzz, you won’t get enough to keep you interested for long. Now, certain other relationships like an ocean…unending…with depths that hold more than you could explore in a lifetime…this great expanse that’s got tributaries flowing into it…you just know that there’s enough to keep you interested for a lifetime. You’d swim and you’d sail; you’d dive and you’d float…you just would never get bored.

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Still on water…with certain people, you see the expanse of water and you dive right in, you flap your hands and you swim, you get wet and refreshed. With certain others, the water you think you see isn’t there. It’s a mirage, you flap your hands and you slap the sand and all you ever get from diving in is broken bones.

Relating with certain people puts you in a box, they choke you with their many demands, limitations and expectations. With certain others, you’re free to be you, free as air, free to grow, to explore, to live, to love, to think…yeah, think…like this…like Motunrayo thinking…


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