Anyone who cares to take a little trouble can mix cocktails as easily as one makes good coffee. Two points must be borne in mind. One is that the combination of various cocktails has been thought out and selected by master minds, so it is pretty difficult to alter the ingredients in a recipe. Consequently, the substance in this alteration produces a different result which is generally inferior quality.

The other point to remember is that the ingredients should be put together in the order instructed in the recipes, as this is often essential for successful mixing.

The following accessories are required:
1. A shaker: This consists of two plated metal containers which fit one in the other. The contrivance is held in both hands and shaken up and down until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

It may be mentioned that there is now a new form of shaker which possesses a well, at the bottom of the interior, which is charged with a freezing mixture. It is clamed that with this type of shaker, no ice is needed.

  1. A strainer: This is composed of a metal rim, covered with gauze and a handle attached. After the ingredients have been shaken or stirred, the mixture is poured through it to strain out the chips of ice, and so on.
  2. A Mixing Glass: This is merely a large tumbler or bar-glass, into which the ingredients are put when they are to be stirred. Note here that some liquids such as champagne must not be shaken or they will lose their natural effervescence. Such liquids are stirred in the mixing glass.
  3. A Mixing Spoon: This is a spoon holding about the same amount as a teaspoon, but with a very long handle. It makes stirring easy.
  4. A Gill Measure: It should be graded to accommodate or permit some fractions of gills.
  5. A Bundle of Cherry Sticks: Permit the simple manipulation of cherries, olives, etc., which are often served with cocktail.
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A cocktail glass holds about ½ gill of liquid, from fact it will be seen that the quantities, given in the recipes which follow, are for a single cocktail. It is therefore a simple matter to calculate the quantities required for any number of cocktails.


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