Miss Chika Francisca Nwachukwu won the maiden edition of “Face of Kimber” online cultural beauty pageant. The Abia State born beauty queen beat other contestants numbering over 300 to emerge the best in a newly introduced online pageant genre by ‘The House of Kimber’ modeling company. To her, it was a beginning of good things to come in the quest to be the next Miss World.

Speaking to Vanguard at the heels of winning the first ever edition of the online cultural beauty pageant, Chika revealed among other things what sparked her interest in being a model.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

 My name is Chika Francisca Nwachukwu from Abia State. I am a second child in a family of 5 children. I love to write, listen to music, give motivational talks and also try out new recipes. I am a very reserved person. My dad is a retired civil servant and my mum a nurse. They are both Igbo. I grew up under strict Christian doctrine and when I was little, I always wanted to be a lawyer or journalist.

You won the maiden edition of “Face of Kimber” online beauty contest. What inspires your interest in this competition and how confident were you then?

 First and foremost this is the first time I’m actually participating in any form of beauty contest. So when I found out about the contest, I was like, let me give it a trial. My interest was inspired because I’ve always wanted a platform to start with my vision of teaching youths how to channel their passion into an income. And I believe this is a good one and I can take it up from here. I’m always confident in whatever I set my mind to do.

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The competition is a screen affair and you eventually won.  What’s the magic to that effect?

It just had to be God. The other contestants were all amazing and unique in their own way. But I guess this is fate taking its full course and l will say I’m lucky and blessed to be the winner. So it’s just God you made it possible.

 Being an online contest, did you garner much followers and what was the experience like?

It’s normal for one to have followers during an online contest because in online programmes, people want to be kept updated with the progress of event hence following and voting as well. The experience was interesting especially the voting part of it where I had to keep tagging friends to tag their friends to like my picture, it wasn’t easy but it was worth it at the end.

This is your first time ever to contest any form of beauty pageant, how and who must have encouraged the initiative – your role model?

 Whenever I’m asked this particular question, I just smile. A role model is someone you admire and look up to. My mum is my role model. She’s one woman who inspires me to be strong and focused in whatever I do. I just love the fact that in my growing years till date, she’s remained unshaken with whatever life throws at her. Her encouragement and advices have shaped me into the person I am and will be. Then my spiritual father’s Prophet David Babalola and Pastor Adewale Babalola, they brought out the motivational part of me, and taught me to learn the principles of creating positive impacts in the lives of people who gave birth to my program. I intend to use this platform to reach out extensively to the youths on how to channel their passion into any positive effort that will yield genuine income. We are the future leaders and our impacts have to be felt.

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Have you contested in any pageant before and with this victory, how do you feel?

 This is my very first pageant. And with this victory, I’m very happy obviously I have to be. It’s the beginning of greater things to come.

Its only about online, would you rather have it on runways?

I’m definitely considering having it on runways too as soon as the opportunity arises.

Do your parents encourage or frown at such contest?

My parents are very supportive in whatever I chose to do because as a child born into a Christian home where morals are adhered to, I will not engage in anything that will bring shame to the family. They encouraged me to be confident in myself and remain focused.

Generally, what do you think about beauty pageants. Is it immoral?

I personally don’t think or see it as being immoral. Pageant these days is a combination of beauty and brains. This platform has helped many beautiful and talented girls build something for themselves. I see it as an opportunity. As a young girl, you can be beautiful and talented, it’s a combination. People should stop clouding their thoughts that beauty pageants are immoral. It’s not and I believe that this platform will continue to produce beautiful and talented female leaders of tomorrow. Beauty alone doesn’t make a woman, but beauty and brains is a plus which is what these pageants are trying to make the society see. I’m strongly in support of that and do not see the pageantry as immoral. That does not rule out the fact that all beauty pageants done in the country are devoid of immorality but some are truly genuine.

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Were you influenced by the agency or anyone in selection?

 No I wasn’t. It was clearly transparent in all ramifications. And I put in my very best.

 What next after this?

 Well I intend to contest for the next ‘Face of Nigeria’ beauty pageant coming up soon. With this contest which involves runways and Bootcamp, I will be able test my ability to hold on to what I believe in and also strive to win. Besides the pageantry, I will also focus more attention on teaching the youths on how to channel their passion into an income as a youth ambassador. We need to take a lot of youths out of the streets, it doesn’t just happen automatically, and it starts in a day. I have a vision for that and I intend to bring it to actualization.

Credit: Vanguard.

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