Every day we are deluged with stories about how the world is going to hell, and there is no doubt that the world needs a change. Everyone is crying for a change, but there can’t be a change except there are change agents. Therefore, who are the change agents? You are the change agent, and you are to function in every sector because it begins with you.

Sometimes, you feel the world’s so large and complex that it’s impossible to make a difference. When issues come up, you might be the only person and how can you effect a change in such situation? Most times, we sit back and wait for others to make the first move. Well, that is if anyone is willing to make a move.

However, what if you made that step? What if you challenged yourself to stand up and make a change in your different way? Or people stood up with you to make that change. Steve Jobs said, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

So, are you ready to make a difference? Change begins with you. Maybe you’ve attempted to change things and failed repeatedly. This tends to put a damper on any motivation to seek further change. Truly, the process might be difficult, yet not impossible.

Therefore, you need to share positivity because for every horrible story, there is an amazing one to counteract it. So, stop wallowing in the bad situation thrown at you. Let yourself be inspired by the wonder and compassion in the world.

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Lastly, if there are issues that need to be addressed, use your voice to bring attention to them. You can write a letter, sign petition or make an appointment with someone who has the power to change things and discuss your worries with them.

Change begins with you!

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