By challenging yourself regularly, you have taken the courage to step outside your comfort zone to enter the land of good opportunities. Challenge is the water achievers drink and dream about. It sharpens your knowledge and boosts your self-confidence.

Challenging yourself helps you to get the reward of self-discovery, and it leads to a lot of personal growth. Here are some rewards of challenging yourself.

You’d Regret No More

Which would you rather live or die with: the feeling of regret or the feeling of satisfaction that you lived fully? Therefore, it is necessary to take that step today because the juice of life is best found when you peel back the tough rind. You’d get the reward of your efforts.

It Will Redefine You

Through the journey of your life, you’d meet people who would utter the statement, “to be realistic, you can’t do it”. They’d try to discourage and control you. Well, they are only trying to project their belief on you, but you need to take challenging action to overcome their beliefs.

You Will Inspire Others

When you challenge yourself, you learn new skills and expand your circles of friend. Also, while you inspire yourself, you will be inspiring others because some crave those challenging action. So, seeing someone take those steps inspire them to do more.

You’d Break Your Routine

Your daily routine may be just to sleep, eat, go to work and relax. Note that if you let this repetition dull your edges, you will also grow feeble. So, new experiences broaden your vision and wake you up. With this, you gain new perspective and new skills.

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Remember, if what you are doing does not challenge you, then it is does not change you.

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